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Is Your Cybersecurity Keeping Up With Your Business Strategy?

Over the past few years, the way people research and buy cars has changed dramatically and auto dealerships have had to change dramatically, too.

Even Though You’re Moving Nearly All Your Inventory, You Can Still Be Losing Customers

Urban Science recently executed two surveys, one with the Harris Poll taken among consumers, and one executed independently among dealers.

3 Trends Driving Auto Dealer Success in the Pandemic

From virtual showrooms to at-home test drives, new ways of engaging with the customer are making it easier for buyers to shop from home and minimize in-person contact.

How Dealers and Car Companies Adapted in 2020

“A dramatic change had to take place in marketing strategies and communications in very short order,” Sturm said about the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020.

Television Advertising During and After the Pandemic

Car dealerships have three big questions when it comes to television advertising these days, TVB President and CEO Steve Lanzano said during his Wednesday session on the NADA Live Stage.

Building Brand Awareness with Television

Television has the power to drive people to take action.

Information Technology vs. Cybersecurity: Business Protection Requires A Partnership

In today’s business environment, cybersecurity is of vital concern to businesses of all kinds and all sizes. However, auto dealerships, in particular, have faced a marked increase in cyber attacks.

Hiring Top Talent in the Competitive Automotive Industry

Recruiting in the automotive industry is more challenging than ever. With sky-high turnover rates and more technicians retiring every year, keeping a full headcount and staying profitable can be tricky.