By Abram Olmstead, NADA Digital Director

If you’re expecting a “ham and egg automotive presentation,” look elsewhere. Volkswagen President and CEO, Scott Keogh, joined the NY Auto Forum in advance of the New York International Auto Show to discuss what he describes as a “higher calling” for VW and the automotive industry as a whole.

After a brief intro highlighting the breadth and complexity of the company, Keogh goes on to outline VW’s vision for fleet electrification. “If there’s one thing that I know about the dealer body… they are capable of moving on a dime to pursue a business interest. And when this interest aligns with what they are capable of, I believe 100 percent… it will become a massive competitive advantage.”

Keogh is clearly passionate about combating global warming. He believes the marketplace is ready, that the technology exists, and that “literally everything is on the table” for industry to make a difference in this calling.

Watch the full presentation here:

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