By Na’Tasha Jones, NADA, Marketing Manager

One of NADA and ATD’s most exciting member benefits is the exclusive access to our on­-demand recordings of NADA and ATD Show workshop presentations. By providing a way to view these education sessions online, NADA brings the best of the annual NADA and ATD Shows directly to your dealership.

This year’s NADA and ATD Shows took place this year in San Francisco, Jan 25-27. With more than 60 workshop topics on offer over the four-day weekend, we know that taking it all in can be a challenge. This member benefit allows you to go back and review sessions you might have missed or simply didn’t have time for and share highlights with your dealership employees.

Access to these workshops includes video recordings, presentation slides and handout materials (where applicable). Members may access the past two years’ worth of workshops simply by selecting the year on our website.

View popular sessions from our Distinguished Speaker Series or the new NADA Professional Series, or dive into the sessions as organized by dealership department: Dealer/Executive, Legal & Regulatory, Fixed Operations, Marketing, Human Resources and Variable Operations.

Recordings and slide presentations for NADA and ATD Show 2019 workshops and education sessions are an exclusive membership benefit. If you are interested in becoming an NADA or ATD member, or for questions about your membership, login information, dues invoice or other member benefits, contact NADA Membership at 800.557.6232 or email

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See additional highlights from our 2019 show on the NADA Show blog, as well as our NADA Facebook page.

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