By Abram Olmstead, NADA, Digital Director

More than 400 new-car and truck dealers and dealer association executives from across the country traveled to the nation’s capital this week urging lawmakers to implement pro-growth tax reform. Doug Knust, NADA’s Legislative Affairs Committee Chairman from South Dakota, urged dealers to remind lawmakers that “changes to the tax code should NOT negatively impact our small businesses.”

Among the provisions discussed were the need to: 1) treat pass-throughs fairly, 2) maintain the LIFO accounting method–since repealing it would take away working capital that could create jobs and 3) eliminate the estate tax.

“We’re here to educate and explain,” said Mark Scarpelli, NADA’s 2017 Chairman:

That the ongoing challenge for dealers is to promote fair credit compliance while keeping credit competitive and affordable. To get ahead of new legislation that will define the future of our industry. To explain that rules on self-driving vehicles MUST maintain state franchise laws. To explain that parts availability is crucial to the recall process. And that local dealerships have the capacity and the expertise to help EVERY customer who receives a recall notice.

This year’s annual Conference marks a special occasion as NADA celebrates its 100th anniversary. And now, more than ever, NADA members are stepping up their advocacy efforts to shape the laws that will impact our community for the next 100 years.

Following are just a few highlights from this year’s conference:

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